Brand design

Nothing as important as your brand.
Your brand is who you are, it tells you what you are doing, what the customers expect from you and it distinguishes your offer from your competitors.

If you want to build a successful brand that will provide loyalty, you need a story and visibility.
Without a story, it means little.
That’s why Allossa always likes to be close to the customer so we can see and hear who you are, what you want to achieve or have already experienced.

How do we work?

We gather information, insight and look for the core of your vision.
Everything that is needed to understand your organization and strategy. We throw that into a story and make a clearly defined brand identity.


PHASE 1 // Visual identity and logo design

Your visual identity permeates all your brand communication.
It is a combination of elements that come together to form a language intended to give inspiration to creativity.
At the heart of your visual identity is a logo. It is your universal signature that makes your brand recognizable.

 PHASE 2 // Mark books and style guides

The book of reference is the bible in which your brand identity has been written down.
It is a document that inspires everyone in an organization and it is the basis for all interactions on behalf of a company.
A style guide describes all basic design tools needed to create business communication – from fonts and styles to a color palette, image usage, text and tone, and the emotion depicted by the brand.

 PHASE 3 // Packaging and private label

Large packaging can often be your number one sales person.
We design packages that give the eyes of and and people the confidence to buy.

 PHASE 4 // Infographics

Infographics helps you visually deliver knowledge and ideas so your audience can understand them quickly.
Powerful infographics are visual representations that can transform complex data or concepts into intuitive, direct knowledge.

PHASE 5 // Prepress support

While this is not our core activity, we do not want to let our customers fall.
So, if they ask us to help them during the prepress process, we will not hesitate …